Our trip so far

Here are 2 maps to show our path so far:

The goal is to be back in Portland by August 1st so Carter can go to Camp Westwind the next weekend…


6 thoughts on “Our trip so far

  1. I love this map! I hope you guys are having a great time. I keep thinking I want to text you and then think no, they are on vacation. But then think, phew…this is no vacation this is life and life is an occasional text from friends. : ) Thinking of you guys all the time and hoping it is all as wonderful as it looks!


  2. Thanks for the updated map! This makes it much easier to track you on our big classroom map (which is still up and active because we seem to visit the school every week even though it’s officially summer vacation now.)

    Jake was so inspired by your travels and blog that he planned a cross-country trip for our family. Unfortunately, he expects us to do it in Lee’s 5 week sabbatical this summer. It’s a delicate negotiation, to be sure.


  3. Dear Bennett,

    I hope you are having a good time. Sorry I haven’t written to you this whole time.
    Its because I don’t use the computer that much.

    When you get back we can maybe go to Oaks Park (because I’m earning tickets through
    the summer reading program at the library). I can’t wait until you get back!!!


  4. We are behind on your blog, but I’ve saved every entry we’ve received and Blake should have time (now that summer’s here) to read them all before you come back! What an enriching experience for you all. I’m definitely a little jealous each time I read about your trip!
    Blake and I think it would be cool if Bennett could just skip 3rd grade and be a 4th grader (at West TV) this Fall! We miss you, Happy Travels 🙂


  5. I can’t wait to see you guys again! I don’t think I could ever stand to stay away from home that long! My mom would probably prefer an airplane. When I look at your map I can’t imagine going that far. Hope to see you soon! Annika


  6. Hi David,
    Hope you are having great time with family. Trip looks awesome …Legendary !
    Happy Travelling ! 🙂


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