Our plans

Note the wide gap of unknown between Mt Rushmore and Portland. Suggestions our welcome! One goal is to keep to places that are not too hot, so weather in July might be a significant factor in the planning for that path.

Or the sketchier version

3 thoughts on “Our plans

  1. Hey there:

    We seem to be mutual aquaintences with the Boyinks. In fact, they have become great friends of ours as our family travelled all of 2013 and caravaned with them for about 7 weeks of that time.

    Anyway, I was attracted to your blog when I saw Joshua Tree and decided to look at your route plans. I’d make two suggestions if it’s not too pushy to do so. First is to see Valley of Fire State Park near Vegas. It has an incredible campground and the landscape is truly STUNNING. It should be a national park. Seriously. Try to take a couple days to see it. The kids would love the rocks.

    Second is to try to stay at Gilbert Ray campground if you are going to Saguaro. Wonderful place with power hookups, big sites and everything from cactus to hummingbirds and just a mile from the entrance to Saguaro. The Sonoran Desert Museum is also right there and is a must see!

    Our route was the opposite direction of yours but we would hope that maybe our blog, written mostly by my wife, would give you some ideas of what is in store.

    Wishing we were in your shoes instead of setting into a home right now!



  2. Kevin, You have the dubious honor of being our first “non-friend and family” commenter! Thanks. I don’t think we know the Boyinks, but welcome anyway. I can’t wait to dig through your blog for ideas.


    1. I am thrilled that someone would join in and offer their knowledge and suggestion, since they have “been there and done that”! Wonderful, it will certainly expand your own knowledge and that is part of the magic of this entire undertaking. Perfect! , M & M & M


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