The Fire by Bennett

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We went camping at Timothy Lake Campground near Mount Hood in Oregon in 2013.  It was our family (Mom, Dad, Carter, and me) and the Mace family (Eric, Frannie, Nina, and Nate)  (Laura had to go home early).  Carter thought of making a big fire on the last day of camping.

We made the structure for the fire during the day.  It was about a foot and a half tall and in the shape of a teepee.  Dad was chopping wood and me and the other kids stacking wood in the middle of the fire ring.  We put a mini cereal box filled with moss and paper in the middle for an extra treat.  We knew the moss and paper would burn really well and make the fire really big for a few seconds. It was hard work that was going to pay off.

We are just about to light the big fire.  We are all excited.  We light it.  The fire goes out.  We light it in a few places and wait.  It slowly started and then got really big.  At its peak the fire was about two feet tall.  When the mini cereal box caught fire, it turned the fire green because of the chemicals.

The fire was great for s’mores.  It had hot fire to soften the marshmallow, some hot parts to get the marshmallow brown, and some warm parts to get it puffy.  After we ate our s’mores, we sang camp songs around the fire.  My favorite song was Little Spaceship.

I loved the gigantic s’mores fire because it made delicious s’mores and because we were with some really nice friends.


11 thoughts on “The Fire by Bennett

  1. Great piece, Bennett! I especially like the part where you write in the present tense: “We are just about to light the big fire.” That language made your story seem so immediate and real, and I felt like I was there with you, watching the fire get lit. Well done!


  2. That camping trip was the highlight of our summer last year. You have brought back some excellent memories, thank you Bennett!! It’s got me thinking about fun stuff to do when you guys are back. We miss you guys so much!


  3. Good morning, Bennett, Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I felt an immediate connection to your piece through your descriptions of the place, the participants, and the fire itself. I could hear the “chunk chunk” sound of axe splitting the wood. And my mouth watered at the thought of a sweet, gooey, slightly smoky s’more just waiting to be eaten. Finally, I could relate to the emotion of this shared experience with your friends. I especially appreciated how you elucidated the various degrees of the fire’s heat relative to a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Campfires are special. The warmth, the aroma of burning wood, listening to the snap-crackle-pop as the wood becomes superheated. There is something meditative about a campfire…in between coughing and watery eyes…that is so pleasing. Thank you for sharing this. Love, Aunt Theresa


  4. Hello Bennett,
    I just started reading your travelog. This entry reminds me of the many bonfires I’ve lit as a camp counselor. We used to do the same kind of thing as your cereal box, but we made a little tunnel so we could light the fire from the center where the box was. Our secret trick was to put a little bit of tin foil around the bottom of the box for reflective power.

    Jennie Kelly from Valdez


  5. Oh Bennett, I’m going to have to have some chocolate! I may even see if I can make a s’more, although I’d have to use oatmeal cookies instead of graham crackers, because that’s the kind of cookie I keep on hand. It may not be as good as your s’mores, but it should be interesting! Thank you for the inspiration. Love, Aunt Sally


  6. Hi Bennett, This is a beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing it! You chose exactly the right amount of detail as well. I can really picture how you built the bonfire and how it looked. Keep writing!
    Love, Mrs. Taylor


  7. AWESOME!!!!! Totally awesome! How do you like your s’mores toasted do you like your marshmallows? Crisp on the outside and melted on the inside or burned to a crisp?
    I can’t wait to see you on August 1st.

    -love Cole


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