Carter’s Take on Disney

This blog is not about what we did at Disney World. It is some facts and secrets about Disney World.

Disney World – Magic Kingdom


Did you know that only 2 countries flags are permanently on display in the parks: the American and Swiss flag.  The Swiss flag is hanging over the Swiss Family Tree House. I think that’s a great honor. Be careful around a large golden camel next to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride, it spits. I think with that one Disney has gone too far.

On Tom Sawyer Island, it is rumored that the creaks and groans of the mill wheel actually play “Down by the Old Millstream.” They don’t, but it would be pretty funny if they did. Bennett and I ran around on the island for a long time on the day we went just with mom.  We really liked the fort there since they had shot guns that made shotgun sounds.  There was a rickety bridge made out of barrels that was fund to run across.

Here are some fun facts about the Magic Kingdom

Did you know that Big Thunder Mountain is 197 feet high – the tallest any building or object can be in Disney is 200 feet?  Now that’s high.  Space Mountain is 183 feet. In it’s a small world there are 289 miniature figures all singing the same song and you have to listen to it for 5 minutes. The 289 miniature figures have 2296 specific garment pieces.  When we were waiting in the line, the ride got stuck.  We thought the people coming off the ride after it got started looked a little shaken – can you imagine getting stuck with all the some miniature figures doing the song over and over and over again?


Did you know that Test Track has nearly one mile of track and goes nearly 65 miles per hour. It’s the longest and fastest ride at Disney World. Maybe that’s why we rode it 3 times!

In Mission Space, take a look at Mars It has color shifting paint that costs $800 per gallon. I think that that is exactly what Disney does.  They buy expensive stuff and get more money then they spent.

Stop for a moment in front of Mexico pyramid.  It looks tall, but it is only 36 feet.

Stop at the outpost between China and Germany and lift the lids on the old fashion Coca Cola coolers. I didn’t know about this when we went or otherwise I would have done it.  If someone knows, please let me know.

There was a problem when they made ‘Soaring’ because flying above national parks is not allowed.  It took months to get permission to fly over and film it but it was worth the time, well at least I think so. Those rock climbers at Yosemite had to stay suspended there for 6 hours.  I don’t think I could take it.

Did you know that the Eiffel tower in the France country section was made using Gustavo Eiffel’s actual blueprints? I thought that one was cool.

Animal Kingdom

In Africa next to the Tusker House listen closely and you will here a landlady banging on a door shouting.  That one was funny.

For Kilimanjaro Safaris come early in the day the animals are most active then.  I planned our itinerary for Animal Kingdom and we did this.  It really worked, we saw lots of animals and the line was really short.  We even had to stop the tour bus because some giraffes were standing in the road.

On Expedition Everest, look down at the track when the yeti is tearing up the track.   If you look down you will actually see the track flip over.  It’s really cool we saw that one. The ride is awesome. Just to show you how awesome, I went 8 times. All right that wasn’t to show you but its still. AWESOME!

Here are some facts for the Animal Kingdom. There are 1,500 animals in the Animal Kingdom these 1,500 animals require 4 tons of food each day. Now that’s a lot of food!

On the Tree of Life there are 103,000 different leaves each placed to sway in the wind.

Hollywood Studios

In Muppet Vision 3-D as you go in LOOK UP at the clock, specifically the minute hand. No, he is not going to fall. He is tightly secured on it. It’s doing its job and I laughed.

To get the feel of the Twilight Zone for Tower of Terror, Disney imagineers watched all 156 episodes more then once.  The elevator cars on the Tower of Terror ride is pulled down faster then the speed of gravity.  You know that because you are pulled up agaist the strap.  Mom screamed.

I got all this information from Walt Disney World Notecast. It’s a great app and there is much more information.  Also there is a hidden mickey guide.  There are 200 fun facts and 250 secrets. I really enjoyed this app. (its 1.99 but it’s worth your money.)

Being in the parks is just so tiring (well at least for mom) but it’s tiring for me too when we are there from 9:00AM until 10:00 and don’t get back to bed until 11:00pm. It’s a ton of fun though so it makes it all worth it. It’s also big so you have to be a fast walker, but you can rest your feet in the lines, so that’s not so bad.  The lines are usually big so Fast Pass work well, but also you have to stop for a moment and just rest.  You should try to go.  It’s fun.

Waiting for Fireworks

19 thoughts on “Carter’s Take on Disney

  1. I’m so glad you found the secrets and tips to Disney. Those are also some of the reasons we enjoy going. Every time we go we find some new gem of information. Yet, you are right it can be very long days. The boys also love the island/fort. Running around was one of their favorite activities.


    1. Dear Tammie,
      I loved shooting those fake guns I also liked the sound they made. We spent a good 30 minutes there. Have you gone there more than once?

      From, Carter


  2. Nice job Carter!
    You are a very good writer and you are very funny. I think it would be fun to go to Muppet Studios 3D. I miss you!


  3. Wow! Creative writing, Carter! I thoroughly enjoyed Disney again with you! Thanks for your giving your enjoyment to others!

    Love, MeMa


  4. Hi Carter! I laughed out loud when I read your commentary on the camel (“I think with that one Disney has gone too far.”) Adept phrasing.
    I learned so much from your piece. Clearly you did your research! I also enjoyed your writing style. You varied your sentence structure and length nicely, which kept it interesting for your reader.
    Wow! I’m very impressed that you all did the Tower of Terror ride. When we went to Disneyland in January, I opted out of that one (and I usually love rides). I heard the screams all the way across the park, which seemed like an ominous sign. Would you do it again?
    Ok, now “It’s a Small World After All” is stuck in my head 🙂
    I always look forward to hearing from you and Bennett!
    Mrs. Taylor


    1. Dear Mrs Taylor,
      I think that the screams were piped in. As in they piped in the sounds. The ride is actually a lot of fun.

      From, Carter


  5. Carter,

    I think you and my brother could compete in a Disneyland trivia contest, and you might just win! It’s so much fun reading about your adventures! Disney World sounds like a fun place to visit!

    Please say hi to your family for me,
    Ms Evans


    1. Thanks for your comment Ms. Evans. Do you have any good book selections for me? I’m reading the Willoughby’s and started the Septimous Heap series.



      1. Hi Carter,

        Have you read any books by Roland Smith? Christopher Paul Curtis?

        There is a series by J. Dashner called The Eternity Ring. I can’t remember if it’s for older students or upper grade students.

        I read the first book in a series called The Hive, I think, about evil mastermind children who are gathered together at one school to take over the world, again, I think. It was entertaining.

        Have you tried the Artemis Fowl books?

        I’ll keep thinking. Hope you are having a great time on your travels!
        Ms Evans


  6. Wow!! You’ve impressed me thoroughly with your writing skills, boys! Excellent word choices, agile descriptions and varied sentence lengths! Great work, I enjoy reading your posts! Have fun!


  7. Oh and Carter, have you read the “I survived….” Series? Nicky enjoys those. Although they’re simple books, you learn about some important historical events.


  8. So much detail in your writing! Lots of things we didn’t get to experience since its been so long since we’ve been there. Glad you are having fun!


  9. Wow! All I can say is Wow! Ihaven’t been to Disney world but I have been to Disney land
    I stayded in the hotel. If I ever go there I WILL lift the cocoa cola lid off the despencer
    Thanks for all of those secrets and facts! My little brother has planned a across-the
    -contrary RV trip just like you. I hope you had a good Easter! We sure did. Did you have a
    Easter egg hunt? Sorry I haven’t written for a while!

    Love -Cole


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