A Day in New Orleans

“Hold still! I’m going to measure you,” said the annoying mechanical voice.  I was in the Louisiana Children’s Museum in New Orleans.  I was fidgeting.  “Do you have ants in your pants?” said the voice.  I just simply walked away because there was better stuff to do.

I went to a room with a big rectangular tub.  It had four spots that water was coming out.  Each spot had a ramp that the water came out on.  Each ramp could be blocked.  At the end of the rectangular tub were lots of plastic rectangular pieces.  You could block or change the direction of the water.  I decided to do a big-ish project.  I made a zig-zag path for the water to go through.  After that I made another track that made the water go backwards.

The museum was a pretty good children’s museum.  They had an air hockey table with a bell in the middle instead of goals.  How you were supposed to “learn” was you were supposed to ricochet the puck into the bell.  Most kids didn’t learn that, but dad insisted we learn.  Altogether it was really fun.

After the museum, we went to a slightly inappropriate Mardi Gras parade.  At the parade they threw out lots of junky toys and other stuff.  They also threw out some candy.  There were lots of fun floats and great costumes.  My favorite float had lots of fake bugs on it with something that said “The SWAT Team.”  There were lots of people walking behind the float dressed as bugs.    A few of them gave out fake cockroaches.

I also liked the people on the balcony above us who every once in a while got tossed a necklace.

There were also bands between the floats.  You could easily tell the difference between the bands who worked really hard and the ones that just wanted to play in a Mardi Gras parade.

I really think New Orleans is a great city and this is just one of the fun days we spent in it.


Note from mom: Krewe du Vieux is noted for wild satire, adult themes, and political comedy, as well as for showcasing some of the best brass and jazz bands in New Orleans.   I’ll be writing about how we have taken away our children’s innocence in a later post 🙂



9 thoughts on “A Day in New Orleans

  1. oh, Bennett, the museum sounded great! And all in all, I imagine that someday each of the Ptak’s will go back and spend some more time in New Orleans when you have a bit more time to do so and when it is not so cold! But oh, how excited I am to be hearing about the experience of tonight’s special trip to see, actually witness for yourselves, one of the launches of a REAL live rocket that you did at Cape Canaveral tonight!!!! Wow, the few pictures I have been able to see were thrilling for me second hand and how absolutely miraculous for Carter and Bennett to witness the entire show first hand! I will be thrilled to hear to both tell about it!!!!! Missing you and so happy for the four of you!, Love, MeMa!!!!


  2. Good for all of you**Wish we were following along behind you in another camper…You are so fortunate getting to see and excperience so many great and interesting and beautiful things…….. New Orleand and Mardi Gras Parades are always rather naughty.
    Love,Louise & Dave PS…Have you tried the benies =special sweets —? spelling — with the special coffee??? That is a must – – at least the sweets…


  3. Hey guys, I just love reading your blog. I can hear each of you talking as I read it.
    NOLA sounds like such fun, and you do a great job describing details-so much that I feel like I’m there with you experiencing it first hand…Hmmm…slightly inappropriate parade?

    Have you gotten to see the cemeteries?
    How about the lower ninth ward which was devestated after hurricane Katrina and is now being rebuilt with strange modern houses? http://www.yelp.com/map/make-it-right-new-orleans (that was one of the most interesting places we visited when we were there a few months ago.)

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to hear your next story.


  4. Bonjour Bennett! Third eye for the science guy is what came to mind after reading your post! You fit right in. C’est la vie, love, Aunt Theresa


  5. Dear Bennett-
    The last parade I went to was the Macy’s Christmas parade in Portland, which was NOT “slightly inappropriate,” so I am more than slightly jealous! It must have been so wonderful to hear the good bands!

    I also loved your description of your big water project at the children’s museum. Also, you should know that, as a science teacher, I approve of the fact that your Dad insisted that you learn something. Thanks for the wonderful post!


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