Ode to a Campground Shower

Showering in the RV is completely possible, but it is never truly enjoyable.   It’s a super small space.  You can’t raise your hands above your head.  Your hot water is limited.  Your water pressure is minimal.  Lastly, you have to be concerned about using too much water and filling up the tanks of the RV.

As I was showering at Henderson Beach State Park in beautiful Destin, Florida yesterday, I realized it was the BEST shower I had experienced since leaving our house.  As I luxuriated in the shower, I thought about the criteria needed for a great camp ground shower, listed in order of necessity.

  1. Safety: The first level of safety is ‘will I even go in alone or are there too many creepy people hanging around.’  Showering is a vulnerable activity so a basic level of safety is needed before we can even explore other criteria.
  2. Hot Water: Although it is convenient not having to mess with getting the right mix of hot and cold water with the taps.  That is sometimes so annoying as you put on a little more cold and then a little more hot just so you can get it just right… In 90% of the campground showers, you just crank that baby to full hot and you can get a nice tepid shower.  So hot water and enough of it to actually get a full body shower with hair wash is a super nice thing.
  3. Cleanliness: First off, of course I have shower shoes.  I use a pair of Crocs.  However, there have been some bathrooms where I’m not sure I want the bottoms of my SHOES touching the shower floor.
  4.  Water Pressure: I have to say, this isn’t typically a problem, but if you are listing criteria, I have to include it around here.
  5. Security: I know, you are thinking, she already listed safety, what does security mean?  Well, ‘safety’ is a yes / no criteria.  Will I take a shower there or not?  Security is a sliding scale of how comfortable am I WHILE taking a shower.  Is there a good lock on the door, is there a sense of security that I have while showering or am I jumping at every noise?  By the way, I won’t take a shower at night and I try to aim for the ‘just after being closed for cleaning’ window.
  6. Space: Lastly, the main thing the RV is missing is a little space to move around.  Space to put your clean, dry clothes on a hook where they won’t get wet as you are showering.  Space to put your leg up so you can shave them (or at least wash them).   Space is nice.

Given these criteria, I hereby award the showers at Henderson State Park, the GOLD MEDAL WINNER of showers.  They blew out all the competition and really shone on that SPACE category.   (Totally inefficiently big showers, but, oh what a joy.)

OK, since one of the purposes of other people’s RV blogs is to help others do this, I’m going to include the following tips for showering on the road.

  1. Have a Ziploc bag with all of your shower stuff – for during and after shower – like shampoo AND comb, deodorant, etc.   Have one of these bags for each member of the family labeled.
  2. If you have kids, get each person their own color towel.  Sure, they don’t match, but now you know who left theirs behind and who dropped it on the floor.
  3. Consider using a washcloth or other small towel to get off most of the water after the shower and then use a big towel for the final work.  Small towels dry a lot faster.
  4. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m considering getting a small container with suction cups that I can put up in each shower.  Even the gold standard showers didn’t have room for my tiny shampoo bottle, etc in the shower and I have to put it on the floor (see note about cleanliness).
  5. For inbetween shower days, baby wipes are your friend.

Anybody have any other showering tips for road folks?

Look how far away my clothes are! I had to actually ADJUST the water several times to get it right.  Heaven!


6 thoughts on “Ode to a Campground Shower

  1. I would suggest investing in quick-drying “shammy” towels: http://tinyurl.com/lf9ws3x

    We use them for camping and, in the off-season, for wiping down the slides at the playground. They are super handy and lighter than regular towels. The Olympic divers use shammy washcloths to dry themselves off after each event. So, if it’s good enough for Greg Louganis, surely it’s good enough for RVing.


  2. I have suction cup hooks that I can hang my shower bag from the side of the shower. They are one of the first things I pack when we talk about taking a trip. I’ve used them to hang my shower bag, towels, and sometimes even my keys. Worth it to me!


  3. You did hit all the marks of campground showers. We stayed in a KOA cabin, each state of shower had some type of disrepair but they were all very clean. Security was not a problem as the campground seemed to be vacant. Betsy, I enjoyed your blog.


  4. Jess, I must have subconsciously plagiarized your thoughts! I remember reading it now. It was a great set of showers.

    Hope you guys are doing well. We are suffering through a day of not so great homeschooling today and I read your post on enjoying homeschooling. It was inspiring. Thanks for the good words…



  5. Wow! That post just complaining aboult a shower! We just ran out of hot water are selfs! (where is new Orlands by the way). Sending are flat-people today. Leah is going to send hers to you. Hope you have a great time!



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