Writing Exercise by Carter

I see tall trees. They’re green trees too. Wonderful green! (I have not seen green for a while.) I see the small camp host sign and the camp host RV. The RV is probably bigger than ours. I know there is a dog in there somewhere I saw him earlier. The dog is very shaggy. I see a big bird flutter across the road (maybe a owl?) (I thought those were asleep during the day?)(I later learned it was a falcon.) I see the camp host golf cart next to the camp host sign. Compared to the camp host RV the golf cart is quite small, but compared to the camp host sign it is quite big.
I see a school bus drive in to the campground. I did not know they did field trips out here. Driving behind it there is a camper. It turns on a different road then the school bus. Now an RV is driving down the road, suddenly it stops, a guy gets out, walks around the RV, gets back in the RV, and drives away. I wonder what that is about.
There is a dumpster on the corner for garbage and it’s blue. In front of us there are 2 sites, they are both about the same size. One is for a camper and one is for a camp host. By the site for a camper there is an electrical outlet with the number 1 on it. The road surface and the site are both white because of the material they are made of. I smell water and shampoo because Dad is taking a shower.

I feel relaxed because I am happy that I got this done with. I feel safe because I am inside the RV. Mom and Dad are up front. I don’t feel that comfortable because I don’t like writing in my journal like this.
BYE, Carter

Houston, Texas – Stephen F. Austin State Park (Site 3)

The contemplative writer on another day
The contemplative writer on another day at a different park

18 thoughts on “Writing Exercise by Carter

  1. Ah, ha! Surprising your reader is fun! And no, I did not see the picture of you writing in your journal in your rock hidey hole lookout position coming! Very clever, Carter, very clever! I delight in your humor. Now, as your Mom has probably already told you to do, go back and spell “size”*correctly! Love you all, MeMa

    *you have “sigh” 🙂


  2. Very good Carter. The more you do it the easier writing will become.
    You should also be happy you are there & not here(IA) yet. We were 27 below yesterday when I arrived at work at 8am. I didn’t look at the thermometer at home before I left yesterday because I was afraid I wouldn’t leave the house! It’s suppose to get to 24 today. Heat wave. : )
    Aunt Shell


  3. Your writing takes me right into your moment. Those kinds of “noticing” details give life to your stories and writing. Keep it up. I enjoy reading what you write!


  4. Dear Carter, I like the way you write and I found my self smiling when I finished reading your story. Yes, it is a journal entry, but to me it is also a story. And stories have meaning. I am impressed by both your precise observations of what you saw, and the questions you posed. Your descriptions sparked my imagination, and my imagination created a picture of the story you were telling.

    My imagination composed a story board of this campground, populated by a little boy and his family, a dog, a falcon, another human, in a setting with dark green trees, a bright blue dumpster, the white sand or washed rock of the camping site, with possibly a small pond or creek near by.

    Carter, I was delighted to learn you can smell water. I can too. I grew up in Arizona, and your post brought back pleasant memories of “smelling water” and different “types of water” . For example, irrigation water smells different than lake water, and both of these smell different than the sweet scent of an approaching rain storm.

    Carter, here is a quote from John Steinbeck, a long ago writer of many stories. He said “One of our ancient methods is to tell a story begging the listener to say-and to feel- Yes, that is the way it is, or at least that is the way I feel it.”

    Thank you for a wonderful story. Love, Aunt Theresa


  5. Hi Carter,
    I enjoyed reading your “writing exercise.” Carefully observing the world around you is an important and often overlooked activity! Did you learn anything about yourself or your surroundings from your observation? I especially like the first three lines – short ones that really stick out and make a point that the green color was important to you.
    ~Mrs. Parra


  6. Great writing, Carter! It’s true, the writing teacher in our house would agree with Aunt Shell–the more you do, the easier it gets! I really loved trying to visualize everything you were seeing as you described it. More, please!


  7. Good job, Carter. I really like your “I sees”. Keep up the good work and some day you will look back and say, “Wow! Did I write that?”. These will be wonderful memories.


  8. I love how incredibly detailed you are on this post! We just got a full time 4th grader in the school. We just had our Valintines day party on the 13th! We would have saved a cupcake for you but it would get moldy by the time you get back! And they don’t mail well! (Does your RV even have a mailbox?)

    Roses are red’
    Violets are blue,
    Here is a valentines poem for you!

    In a book you can find Percy Jackson,
    When a monster comes along…,
    He’ll be sure to smack him!*

    I really think that the man coming in-and-out of his RV is kind of suspicious.
    But he might just be checking for problems in his car!
    I hope to see you soon! The kids at the Altair School miss you!

    – love cole!


  9. Hi Carter,
    At school we are getting a new 4th grade student! Also we have been having some visitors and part timers. About a week ago it snowed here and we stopped school at lunchtime! The day after that we went outside and discovered that the hot tub was frozen so thickly that we could stand on it! The big news is that we bought a new house up by forest heights. Luckily I will still be able to go to altair.


  10. Hi Carter,

    I like reading your journal entries. I love to write! I am almost done with my first book. Maybe someday you can make all of your journal entries from your adventures in to a book. I would read every word! Say “Hi” to your Mom, Dad, and Bennett, from Luthien and Penelope. I hope to read more of your journal entries soon!


  11. Carter, I really enjoyed your post. I love the phrase “Wonderful green!” It says so much in two words. Your words made be feel like I could “see” the campground as you were seeing it. I especially enjoyed your last paragraph because you told me how you were feeling 🙂
    I can’t wait for your next entry!


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