The Dam

What dam holds up the Colorado River and was finished 2 years before planned?


The Hoover Dam.  It is AWESOME!!!

The water it holds up is called Lake Mead and is the largest man made lake.

What we did was go on a tour inside the dam and see the power plant.  The part of the power plant we saw had 10 generators.  One small generator only generated part of the power for the Hoover Dam lights and was completely rusted.  The whole dam capacity is just over two million kilowatts of power.  A normal electric room heater uses about two kilowatts, so the Hoover Dam could run one million electrical room heaters.  After that part of the tour, we walked down a long underwater, underground hallway and every time you said something it echoed back at you.  After we got to the end of the long hallway there was a vent.  This vent was on the non-wet side of the dam.  I stuck my hand out of the vent.

After the tour we found lots of coins under the feet of a statue.  I made about one dollar in coins.  Also before the tour we saw a big hole that also echoed back at us.  The big hole was the overflow chamber for the water.  It helped them build the dam.

There is a bridge nearby that gives a great view of the dam and you can be in two states at one time.

We had a great day.  If you go, take the long dam tour.



9 thoughts on “The Dam

  1. After taking the dam elevator back to the top, we went to the dam gift shop. I liked the huge dam model inside the gift shop. I think Aunt Shell took lots of dam pictures when we were there too.


  2. Now you, Bennett, have opened up my memory box of how very impressive the Hoover Dam really is! I remember very well now how astounded I was to realize the power that the force of the pushed back water could and did provide! It was truly a massive undertaking to build that dam and the engineers and manpower that first planned and then performed the entire job have given huge gift to this country. Their ancestors can be very proud of them! Thank you for expressing your appreciation so very well, Bennett! The pictures are great also! Love, MeMa.


  3. Hi Benett, I loved the part about walking in the hallways and the echoes coming back to you. I think it’s a little creepy myself! I also liked the comparison to how much power 2 million kW are.
    Do you remember Ryan and Bella from my house in Beaverton and from the park in Anchorage last summer? I am flying to Alaska on March 4th to pick them up and take them to Palm Springs with me for Spring Break.
    I am enjoying following your travels on your family blog.


  4. All that energy must be SHOCKING!!! Ha3
    I bet it would be really neat to hear your echo over and over!
    I thought that your pictures where awesome!
    I don’t think that I will ever see the Hoover Dam in my lifetime!
    The class misses you so much!
    Have a great time!

    -love cole!


  5. Hi Bennett,
    About a week ago it snowed and we got out of school early and when we got home we immediately started sledding. Then the next day we built a bump at the bottom of the hill we were sledding down so each time we went down the hill we went flying! Also we are going to move houses and our new house will get more snow than our current house so I am pretty excited.


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