Is This Vacation or Is This Life?

A friend of mine told me that she hesitated texting me because “we are on vacation and she didn’t want to bother us.”  I told her that was ridiculous because we aren’t on vacation; this is just our life for the next 7 months.  I need my friends to text me when they have a random thought of brilliance, I need the ridiculous email chain showing a series of gorgeous pics of actors or the thought provoking one about rich parents volunteering.  I need more of that.   It makes me feel connected.  I have awesome, amazing friends and I miss them.   Facebook makes this much easier to stay connected, but Facebook is always about putting the best foot forward and never showing the embarrassing or too personal.

I have to think about “vacation” though because, well, technically, we are on vacation – we are travelling, we are seeing amazing sights, 5 years from now when we look back, we will look at this as the RV Vacation.  So, it’s vacation, right?  On the OTHER HAND, it is life.  The kids get haircuts, we have birthday celebrations, I’m still cooking and cleaning (and trust me when I think ‘vacation’ it does not involve me cleaning the toilet every other day).

Bennett reading his kindle while life goes on.  Kartchner State Park, Arizona
Bennett reading his kindle while life goes on. Kartchner State Park, Arizona

Then there is the homeschooling.  That’s not vacation.  (I’ve been getting a few questions on what we do for homeschooling, I’ll summarize it with it’s more than some and less than others and will try to write up a blog entry on it when I’m not being lazy.)

David met a family last night that is planning on traveling for the next 4 years.  FOUR YEARS.  They have 3 kids, 8, 6, and 3.  The 3 year old isn’t completely potty trained.  (OH MY GOD, THAT WOULD BE SO HARD.  I love the age of our kids for this trip.)  In David’s brief talk with them he found out it probably would have been fun to talk to them further.  We seemed very similar in outlook about money and parts of life.*   The dad works remotely (great post here on the care and feeding of your work at home husband).  Are they on vacation?  I would answer a no on that one.

*How much did we have in common with these folks?  I backed a Kickstarter project in November for a board game that teaches programming called Robot Turtles.  It wasn’t available in stores – only to the Kickstarter folks.  They have a picture of the same game on their website!  How random is that?  Unfortunately they are driving west and we are driving east and they left for church this morning before we were even awake.  (Well, that’s something we don’t have in common.)

Anyway – back to the vacation idea.   Vacations are breaks from reality – two weeks in Hawaii.  Traveling is our reality right now.  We are incredibly fortunate to be living our dream and seeing all of these amazing sights, but it isn’t completely a holiday.   Maybe that’s what I should call it.  We aren’t on vacation; we are just living our dream…

P.S. Many of my cooler blogging friends have musical interludes for their blogs.  While writing this, all I could think of was the Go-Go’s “Vacation.”   Further proof that I’m just not that cool.


8 thoughts on “Is This Vacation or Is This Life?

  1. Citing a Go-Go’s song makes you totally cool!

    Love reading about your adventures! Would love to hear from Carter. 🙂


    1. Hi Ms Evans!

      I have written some blog entries. The ones that I wrote say “Carter writing”.

      Thanks for the comment.



  2. Hahaha I loved this!! You guys are fun. I too am sad we didn’t get to hang out much. We’ll have to catch up in Oregon next fall sometime.

    We too have the conversation of vacation vs life. We also have the “we are not really camping we are living” conversation as well. Camping involves a backpack and miles of back country. Loved your views!


  3. Timely post! My kids asked this week if you are still getting haircuts. Erik and I said no- you’re on vacation. Eating junk all the time and not brushing your teeth either.


  4. Dude…it is your life and you are living the freaking dream. Go you! I realized it wasn’t a vacation when you didn’t come home a week later. I’ll think of some really crummy stuff about me to tell you so you feel like you don’t miss me so much. : ) Love you guys
    I feel a song coming on….”Man of means by no means…King(s) of the road!”


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