The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is huge. It is 1 mile deep. It is a valley and inside the valley it looks like there is another valley. That second valley is the exact spot of the Colorado River. In one place we can barely see the river but you can hear the water rushing. It was sort of cold but not too cold. I had to wear a big sweatshirt.

We walked down to Ooh Aah Point. It’s a place on a trail to the bottom of the canyon. It’s the first stop out of 3 or 4 stops. It’s a panorama view. The reason we went on that trail is because all the other trails had snow on them the day we were there.

Overall it was not a bad day. Wait, did I say not a bad day? I meant it was an AwEsOmE day. Wait, did I say AwEsOmE day? I meant it was a MARVELOUS day.

11 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon

  1. Thanks for writing, Carter! I am so glad you had a MARVELOUS day at the Grand Canyon! I hope sometime to take Brodie and Emmett there! I especially like your second picture, with the light in the front and the darker part in the back. Very dramatic!


  2. I think that seeing the grand canyon is awesome! I wish I could see the Colorado river is awesome! Are you in New Mexico yet?it,s the 21st today and we received are clay monsters today!



    1. Hi Carter,
      I enjoyed reading your entry. I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but haven’t yet had the chance. I think I would be too nervous going there with Ethan being so small, so maybe it will be a few more years! Are you going to the bottom of the canyon? Dr. Parra said he went to the bottom of the canyon in the winter one time and it was warm down there. That would be fun to experience.
      Have a great time and I look forward to reading your posts in the future!
      Mrs. Parra


  3. AWESOME Carter! I’m so glad you are keeping us updated. I think you mean hear the water, not here. sorry to be picky. My co-workers call me the grammar police. 😦


  4. Dear Carter: I would add “amazing” “wow” and “really cool” to your description of your day. That’s how I felt just gazing at your photographs. I once lived in the Grand Canyon, both on the rim, and at Phantom Ranch, so these images also brought back many memories for me.
    Carter, your photographs are thought-provoking. You have a gift.
    The composition of your images convey intriguing aspects of light, color, and symmetry.
    Image #1: Stunning. The vast, seemingly never ending landscape inspires a sense of longing and adventure for me.
    Image #2: Striking: The contrast between the rust colored detail of the red wall formation and the deep bluish purple of the shadowed plateau.
    Image #3: Pleasing: First it looked like a fun trip. But, Carter, I also appreciate the way this photo is composed, almost geometric. The way the mules and riders are aligned, the straight up and down of the rock wall behind the group, the razor edge of the far rim in the background, all off set by the zigzag line of pines in the middle.
    Thank you Carter, for sharing your thoughts and these beautiful images of a place I lived once long ago. Love Theresa. PS, I am so proud of you.


  5. Photo #4: WOW!. The sharp contrast between the white, softly swirling clouds and the more sharply defined shape of this dark bird in the center of the brightest light is dramatic. I look forward to more photographs of your trip CArter. Love, Aunt Theresa


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