Setting the Bar Too High?

After hiking down the South Kaibab Trail at Grand Canyon National Park for about 10 min – and watching the boys’ jaws drop a few times – Betsy and I agreed on the following: we are setting the bar way too high.  (Or more accurately: Yosemite, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon are setting the bar too high.)  How are the kids going to continue to be amazed by stuff when they’re seeing such amazing things in the first few weeks?!?  No offense to American history buffs, but I just don’t think East Coast historical sites like Williamsburg and Gettysburg are going to pop their eyes like the Grand Canyon.  And getting 8/9-year-olds excited about history is much tougher than saying “hey, look at that mile-deep canyon”.  

After completing the hike, as well as a long day exploring Grand Canyon National Park, we agreed on something else: it’s time for a day off.

This might sound wimpy, but bear with me.  In the past 10 days we’ve done more exploring and adventuring than we’d usually do in 6 months:  Joshua Tree exploring, fishing/hiking at Wilderness Preserve, The Living Desert (posts on all 3 of these activities below), then departing Mema’s and visiting Hoover Dam, and hiking in the Grand Canyon and Sedona.  Geesh.  For stay-at-homes like us, this has been pretty extreme.

This week we’ll be in Apache Junction, AZ (at a state park, with Tiny off the grid) and we expect to get back to a more regular schedule of home school in the morning (which we did pretty well at Mema’s) and a little touristing and visiting with Grandma Ruth in the afternoon.  Or something resembling that type of schedule.  We’ve promised ourselves one day of just hanging out at the RV / campground sometime soon, too.  I assume we’ll naturally slow down and settle into a more normal routine soon enough, as the big visits (2 grandmas) and big parks are behind us.  There’s lots and lots more places and people to see ahead, which we certainly are looking forward to, but we’re off to a rip-roaring start.  Time to just lower that bar a notch or two.

4 thoughts on “Setting the Bar Too High?

  1. I think seeing the Grand Canyon is amazing! This stuff only happens once in a lifetime!
    My Nana hiked to and from the Grand Canyon. I think that seeing a mile foot deep canyon is jaw-dropping too!

    Bye! -love cole!


  2. Aren’t there a lot of tedious things to do in Texas? If you go far enough north, you might be able watch someone try to eat a 128 oz steak in Amarillo. Maybe that’ll lower expectations for awhile.


    1. We’ll seen how quick it is before the boys expect another Grand Canyon or Yosemite to pop up on the day’s agenda. I figure West Texas will strike home the grim reality that the geography of the U.S. Is not all so inspiring. But I’ll keep the steak-eating idea in mind, too.


  3. The Hoover Dam was really cool, but our tour guide made it fun. She told us to get in the Dam Elevator to take the ride down the inside. At the end of the trip she told us to go through the Dam gift shop. She also said we could take as many Dam pictures as we like…. she had a dry delivery and no smile which made her funnier.

    Don’t worry, we’ll lower the bar when you get to Iowa!


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