A Day With Mema

What place has two sections, one called North America and one called Africa? The Living Desert Zoo in Palm Springs, California! We went there and saw tons of different animals that live in deserts all over the world (but mostly North America and Africa).
We saw birds visiting from Australia that we actually went into the cage with. Something interesting is every time someone new came into the cage to feed the birds, all the birds made a tornado shape and flew around the top.

Since we were visiting the zoo with our grandmother, Mema, I decided to go on the shuttle around the zoo with her instead of walking with Carter and Mom.Even though I was riding the shuttle, we still got off at the exhibits and waited for Mom and Carter. (Dad was home watching football.)

We also went to goat petting corral. We actually saw some of the goats fighting. In the back of the corral were amazing cattle from Africa with huge horns. See the picture

zoobirds  (This is a video of the bird hurricane at the zoo!

2 thoughts on “A Day With Mema

  1. I think seeing a bird hurricane is breath-taking! We went to California L.A. Disney land!
    My favorite rides are Screaming California and Astro Blasters! See you in July!

    Bye! -love Cole!


  2. Hey Bennett-
    That zoo sounds super-cool. When you go through Albuquerque (that word has too many u’s in it) make sure you see that zoo too, if you have time. And make sure your Dad isn’t hanging out watching football while you enjoy it.


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