Desert Night Time Tour

Yesterday we went to the San Andreas Fault on an eco-tour by Desert Adventures.  We saw the stars.  We got to see the Altair Star (for those of you reading that are from the Altair School).  It was a part of the Summer Triangle.  We got to see a replica of an Indian village.  There we saw an actual Indian arrowhead.

We went in a Jeep.  Jeeps were built for World War II.  This Jeep was built in 1980s there were only 28,000 made.  It was a CJ-8 – C was for civilian, J for Jeep.

There are two different geologic plates at the San Andreas Fault.  There is the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate.  The North American Plate goes all the way to Iceland and the Pacific Plate goes all the way to Japan.  They meet here at the San Andreas Fault, which is pretty cool.  There are about 150-200 earthquakes a day.  You only feel about 4 a year though.

The tour was cool.  Mema gave us this tour for Christmas.  Thanks Mema!

Editor Note – any pictures appearing under Carter and Bennett writing were TAKEN by Carter or Bennett.

23 thoughts on “Desert Night Time Tour

  1. Fantastic reporting Carter! I almost felt like I was there with you. Very informative and good detail. Keep it coming please.


  2. Hey great job with the writing and photography, Carter! I hope you avoided that teddy bear plant–yikes, doesn’t sound like any teddy bears that Emmett keeps up in his nest!

    What an awesome Christmas gift from Mema–please tell her “Happy New Year” from me!


    1. dear Susan
      luckily I did not touch it once the guide told me not to. Mema was very happy when i told her how much i liked the tour.


  3. Carter, Your entry is very well written and fascinating. I had no idea the geologic plates extended that far. Pretty amazing! Did you feel any earthquakes while you were there? That’s so cool that you saw Altair too!


  4. I think that seeing all those Indian artifacts where relly cool! Wish I was there!
    Miss you all! Hope you have a safe trip! See you in July !

    Love -Cole!


  5. Carter, are you having fun? If I were you I would probably be very, very bored in the car! Where are you going next?I didn’t know that geologic plates extended that far! I hope you come back to Altair soon!



  6. It looks like you are having a great time on your trip. I hope you had a great Christmas because I sure did.School is back on,and I am having a great time.When you come back,I hope you bring some more photos.I heard you have some snow in California,is their really snow in Palm Desert? I bet you are having a great time there. I hope you come back to Altair next year.
    From, Leah


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