Yosemite National Park

There will be some awful, some enh, some boring days on this trip, yesterday was not one of those.

Yosemite National Park, the grand daddy of the National Park system.  It wasn’t on our original itinerary – which was drive as fast as possible from Portland to my mother’s house in Palm Desert.   However, we saw the weather, we looked at the map, and said, “let’s go for it.”   Getting our National Park Pass in Yosemite seemed like a good start to the trip.

So we put off getting to Mema’s for a day and spent it in Yosemite.  What a great decision!  The boys were so amazed and excited and UN-jaded.  We were also reminded of another truth about traveling with children – sometimes it’s not the big, but the small that they love.  Although they were suitably awed by the Tunnel View and the grand vistas of Half Dome, El Capitan, etc., they enjoyed playing in the snow and ice the most.  They loved breaking ice in small puddles or creeks and smashing it.  There were snowball fights when they found pockets of snow.  The super short stroll up to Bridal Veil Falls that should take 20 minutes (with pictures!) took us about 1.5 hours and only 2 minutes of that was pictures.   We also hiked to Mirror Lake.

I was amazed that the Food Court had gluten free pasta and vegan tomato sauce, so Carter was happy.

Quote of the day, Carter:

“This may be the best stop of the trip until Disney World!”

We had parked at the Mariposa Fairgrounds RV Park which one reviewer described as “perfectly adequate” as an overnight spot.  I agreed.   No atmosphere, just a field with power and water.  It was nice to have both of those as we haven’t had water since leaving Portland due to the freezing temperatures.

Now we are headed to Mema in Indio, CA with a 7.5 hour drive.  Lots of Kindle time and a chance to free play on all the educational apps I downloaded onto the iPad mini.

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