Redding, California

We started our big trip yesterday with a send off from Altair School.  We gave Rebecca (Mrs. Taylor), Jake, and Cole a tour of the RV while we were parked in front of the school.  We left right from there and drove past midnight all the way to Redding, California and parked at a Wal-Mart.  The boys read on their new Kindles and seem to love them.  It helps that I downloaded some junk along with other books.

We decided to take a break from the drive and visit the Sundial Bridge in Turtle Bay Park.  I got all excited when I realized our OMSI membership got us into the science museum for free.

The Sundial Bridge is an architectural wonder.  It costs 24 million to build and took 10 years.  It is a pedestrian only bridge that is only 720 feet long and 23 feet wide.  It weighs 400 elephants and could hold the weight of 6000 people (although they all couldn’t fit on the bridge.)

We went for a nice walk and the boys played near a little frozen pond (the namesake Turtle Bay) that was covered by ice.  They liked smashing ice and throwing sticks and nuts across the whole pond.

I liked the human sundial and a water feature that showed how much water we use as compared to the world (us 300-500 gallons a day) vs. the world (60 gallons)

We had lunch in the parking lot after a super quick stroll through the inside of the FREE TO US museum (nice bathrooms, a fish tank, and a whole oak tree root ball were the highlights).

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